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Business decent fruit gift box

Business decent fruit gift box

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The fruit box is also suitable for housewarming/exhibition/congratulations/celebrations/dinners/business

If there are no special needs, the basic fruit box includes 14 pieces of fresh fruit, including upscale Imported fruits: Japanese Xiangyin grapes, Japanese strawberries, Australian Super Jumbo blueberries

Fruit types will be supplied according to the season, and may include: Japanese winter apple, Italian Zespi kiwi, orange, pear, crystal pear, Xiangyin grape, dragon fruit, Australian avocado, unicorn fruit, grapefruit, Hawaiian papaya , mango, bulin, pomelo, pineapple, Chinese honeydew, Japanese Lianggang honeydew bamboo basket contains 2 high-end items Imported fruits and 10-12 items of other seasonal fruits

Product extensions

The gift comes with a greeting card or a personal message card and envelope (please contact customer service first).

*In the event of supply issues or product discontinuation, we reserve the right to provide replacement goods of equal quality and value.

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