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Luxurious gift ten-style fruit basket

Luxurious gift ten-style fruit basket

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This oversized fruit basket includes: 1 pair of fruit baskets (each: 20 fruits)

Japanese Kyoho grapes/Japanese boxed fruits (大富大贵)*2
Japanese/Korean mandarin oranges (house full of gold and silver)*2
Japan Wang Lin/Venus/Winter Love Apple (Peace and Wealth)*2
Vietnamese red-fleshed dragon fruit (flowering and fruiting)*2
Peruvian red pomegranate (hundreds of descendants)*2
Thai Golden Pomelo (full of children)*2
Del Monte Pineapple (all-inclusive)*2
Kirin Fruit (Feng Sheng Shui Qi)*2
Peach ( sweet )*2

  • If there are designated fruits, please contact customer service +85267472354
  • Free shipping to Hong Kong area ( Extra shipping charges for distant areas )
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