Hong Kong Party/Birthday/Anniversary/100-day Banquet/Wedding Decoration

Fresh forest, romantic rose garden, ethereal fairy atmosphere, bohemian, tropical style...
Which one do you/you like?
The customized layout will create a memory that is not only beautiful but also has unique memories and warmth for you.

► A balloon plan • Arrangement contents: basic balloon device/upgraded balloon device (with background version/balloon arch, etc.)
• Cost: from 899/2,299

► B waterfall flower plan • Arrangement content: basic waterfall flower arrangement/upgraded waterfall flower arrangement (customized KT board, candles and candlesticks, 30 hydrogen balls)
• Cost: from 999/3,299

► C Table Flower Plan • Arrangement Contents: Basic Table Flower Arrangement/Upgraded Table Flower Arrangement (Flowers)
• Cost: from 599/1088

► C Whole area layout plan • Layout content: Guest greeting area (including floral arrangement, welcome KT board, gift table), background wall photo area, dining table flowers • Cost: starting from 9888


• Applicable occasions: wedding decoration, venue decoration, party decoration, wedding photography, store decoration, other space decoration • Fresh flowers or dried flowers are acceptable, please discuss the details via private message • The couple decides on the style and color, and we will match the flower materials , unless there are flowers that you particularly like or dislike. • Props include floral designs, candles, wood, photo frames...
• Except for plants, which can be taken away, other props are for rent. If you need to purchase them, please contact us separately. • We also have a professional photography team, stylists, and makeup artists to cooperate with. If necessary, you can also contact us in person.

►►►Do not place an order directly, please discuss the layout time and venue with the designer first►►►
• Please confirm the time as early as possible, and the discussion must start at least 21-120 days in advance • You are welcome to customize your own wedding/party, the layout area, device size, and color can be discussed • The fee will be fine-tuned for special needs, please Private message discussion confirmation

Fruitier was established

Fruitier HK Founded in 2018, Fruitier is a professional gift basket company that focuses on designing and producing a variety of exquisite gift baskets, including luxury gift boxes. We offer hampers for all occasions, including newborn baby hampers, holiday hampers (such as Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas) and corporate gifts.

Our aim is to provide customers with high quality gift baskets and reliable customer service. We understand the importance of gift-giving, so we carefully select each gift, from designing the gift basket to arranging delivery, and we never neglect every detail.

We provide gift baskets with various themes to meet the needs of different customers. For example, we provide business-use fresh fruit gift baskets, newborn baby gift baskets and specialty snack gift baskets. In addition, we also provide a personalized gift basket service, allowing you to customize the gift basket according to your preferences and needs.

We provide efficient and reliable delivery services. We provide free shipping services throughout Hong Kong, with delivery available as soon as the same day. We have a mature logistics system to ensure your gift baskets are delivered on time.

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The difference between Fruitier and other gift basket companies:

    • We have a wider selection of gift baskets. We provide gift baskets with various themes to meet the needs of different customers.
    • We provide personalized gift basket services. You can customize the hamper to suit your preferences and needs.
    • We provide an efficient and reliable delivery service, with delivery as fast as the same day.

If you would like to know more about Fruitier Hong Kong, please visit our website or contact us.